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Perilla Gage's Shadow
Perilla Gage's Shadow
Full Name:
Perilla Gage's Shadow

Gage’s Shadow is a large purple green Coleus x Perilla hybrid. It will reach 3-4’ in most gardens and as high as 5’ in some of our public trials. Its vigor lends it to landscape where it is a phenomenal backdrop plant, annual low hedge, or to large specimen containers. In the landscape a mid season pinch or pruning will help to build a better plant structure. It has excellent heat, and humidity tolerance, and good weather substance (so it will not be damaged by a summer rain, unlike Kong series) It is essentially non-flowering in most gardens. Rarely do flowers fully develop before frost. It is an architecture plant more than a showstopper, but it perfect for doing the purple/green garden similar to what P. Allen did in Arkansas last year.

To help in selling the plant use it as a backdrop to flashy cultivars, the dark foliage and size are a perfect foil for brightly colored annuals and perennials. Best in gallon production, but would make a VERY fast 4” plant. At least 1 pinch recommended to fill out the container. I would not use it in mixed containers, unless they are large as it will bury less vigorous plants. Since it is a Coleus, it is really going to excel in the warmer months and be slower under winter cold and cloudy conditions. Avoid temperatures below 50F and media temperatures below 60F. All summer performance, full sun to part shade.

Growing Tips:  
Exposure: Sun or partial sun
Height: 36 - 48"
Spacing: 18"
Hardy temp: 35°F (2°C)
Use: Use in containers, mixed containers and beds.
General care:  
2006 - Top New Variety
-Cedar Rapids Parks Department
2006 - Top Performer
-University of Tennessee
2006 - Top Performer
-University of Minnesota-Grand Rapids
2006 - Gardeners Choice
-National Arboretum
2006 - Top Performers
-University of Minnesota
2006 - Top Performer
-Michigan State University
2006 - Excellent Rating
-Boerner Botanical Garden
2006 - Top Overall Performers
-Ohio State University
Legal Details:
Patent (US): Gage's Shadow 'Gages Shadow' US PPAF
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Patent No. (US):  
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Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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